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To track your fundraising efforts, you can add a donation goal to a page on your site. The donation goal gadget displays a progress bar that measures progress towards your financial goal.

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Theme icons


This theme includes iconic font, which you can use to add icons to content gadgets. You can change the color and size of the icons as you would any other text.


Scroll up to the list of available screen icons then select the icon as you would select a text character. Now copy the icon (using keyboard shortcuts or by right clicking and select the Copy option) and paste it into your content gadget.
Scroll up to the list of available screen icons then right click over the icon you want to use and select the Inspect element option (supported by most browsers) The Inspector window will appear with the font tag highlighted. Right click over the highlighted line and copy it. Now, start editing your content gadget, then click the HTML icon and paste the copied code where you want the icon to appear.
If you want to use icons from a font set other than Font Awesome, you need to add the font using theme overrides.


 This is a heading

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This is a heading

Within these content gadgets, we have formatted text using different text styles. This heading, for example, uses the Heading 4 style.
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