Zichron Menachem Is Born!

In 1990, just 3 months after Menachem z’’l passed away, Chaim and Miri started Zichron Menachem in their dining room. It has since become an empire with volunteers visiting sick children in hospitals, over 130 children with cancer attending 3 camps a year, a magical House of Dreams center for children with cancer and their healthy siblings, and much more.

Our goal is to support every family across Israel, regardless of background, ethnicity, and religious affiliation, with the emotional support, medical guidance, and exciting distractions they need to endure this challenging time.

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This is camp

Above: Menucha, who could not walk or talk due to an overdose of chemo, started singing and dancing at one of the evening parties.

Below: Yahli, who had given up on life, arrived to camp in the UK, being fed via his port. Six days later, he was enticed to try the steak served at the Sunday BBQ hosted by HOD. (Hebrew Order Of David)

Pale Doron confined to a wheelchair for 6 months before camp, felt confident to get up on his feet. From that day on he started walking…

Many children previously unable to smile are found laughing uncontrollably with friends, happiness exploding over their young faces.

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