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Collected: $61,071.81
Goal: $100.00
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We are working on this website! More coming soon.

In the meantime our fund raising and other projects proceed at full speed. If you are donating, thank you very much and please click onto "donate now". 

Dues are Due

At a meeting last year, it was agreed that dues for 2021 will be $150, given the Covid restrictions on our meetings and activities. However, we ask all our brothers to consider adding a donation to this amount. Dues were payable by December 31st, 2020 and your earliest remittance would be appreciated.


This is a serious and tragic situation.

The number of those families who are "food challenged" is increasing every day in our community. If you think that there are no Jewish families suffering, unfortunatly you are sadly very wrong.

At out last meeting we agreed to intensify our Kosher Meal drive fund raiser by pursuing a strong outreach to the community at large through our membership.

The food shortage is so serious that we are asking that you contact at least 10 of your friends, neighbors, family members, business associates, or anyone else you can.

Lodge Meetings:

JANUARY Wednesday 13


MARCH Wednesday 17

APRIL Thursday 22

MAY Wednesday 19

JUNE Thursday 17

JULY Wednesday 21

AUGUST Thursday 19

SEPTEMBER Thursday 9

OCTOBER Wednesday 13

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