HOD members took part in a joint fundraising program with Birthright. All the North American lodges participated. We raised approximately $20k with 100% participation Atlanta Lodge had two members donate $160,000 matching. We proudly can state we raised enough to send 80 young adults costing $4,500 per child. 

HOD brother Mike Beren is arranging a pickleball tournament to raise additional dollars for Birthright.  Watch for upcoming information.

Brother Mark Gardner has proposed a program where someone who has a last-minute event ticket say to an event like basketball to a Maverick game. The person donates say $200 face amount ticket to our lodge. They get a $200 donor credit and lodge gets cash for tickets and the person who purchases the tickets gets a write off. Win-win for everyone!  Please reach out to brother Mark if you are able to assist or have something of value you would like to donate.  In conjunction with this, there will be a new HOD classifieds section added in the coming weeks.

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