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Technology Makeover Project

Testing is underway as we move towards the exciting launch of our new platform now targeted for 7/31/24.  Shimon Peres Lodge will help lead the way representing North America going live with the United Kingdom lodges.   While everything will not be complete at launch, enough will be there for us to transition and begin to take advantage of the newest features.   These will include a real focus on committees and their importance to lodge, communication and and attendance.  Please keep in the view below is a work in progress and not our web page but instead the beginning of operating a lodge in a more efficient fashion.

The overall focus of this project is to completely update HOD usage of technology to improve communication, collaboration and present an image to entice perspective members and donors. 

This will be achieved by having a single HOD technology platform and still offer independence of local chapters to supply content. 

Teams will support preservation of photos, history of newsletters and other artifacts, ensure data security and improve visibility across all HOD chapters.

Role in the project Name
Business Owner Anton Teper
Technical Owner David Migdal
Project Manager Lior Maymon
Testing Scenarios / Tester , UI/UX Guidance David Berlin
Testing Scenarios / Tester Steve Zedek
Testing Scenarios / Tester, UI/UX Guidance Jeff Kalwerisky
Training Documentation - Creating SOP / Training manuals Don Swartz
Training Documentation - Creating SOP / Training manuals Stan Schnitzer
Data Structure & Data migration, Analysis of gateway regulation / solution Robin Sapiro
Data Structure & Data migration Dan Frankel
Historical data migration Cyril Braude
Historical data migration Waren Harmel
Analysis of gateway regulation / solution Robert Seltzer
Delivering training TBC
Supplier (Director) Natan Ralevy

HOD Branding Project

The focus of this project will be to ensure consistency in branding across all HOD lodges.   

This will include many facets such as logo, elevator pitches and many other items that go into a brand. 

Look for more news on this exciting project in the coming weeks.

Update 9/29

Team selection and formation meeting is in the works.   This group will work closely with the technology team to validate design and messaging.

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