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Hebrew Order of David International is a fraternal organization of Jewish men that operates under the principles of unity, fraternity, love, and peace.  Hebrew Order of David International was founded in 1896 in England and in 1904 in South Africa.  Today, we operate more than 20 lodges in the United States, South Africa, the United Kingdom, Israel, and Canada.  In the early 20th Century, we provided sustenance, homes, work, and connections into local Jewish communities for immigrant Jewish families moving to the United Kingdom from Europe.  In South Africa, we did the same for Jewish families moving to South Africa.  Our history is one of service.  Our traditions and values have not changed much since 1896.

We still serve Jewish communities as our top priority. Lodge Shimon Peres acts both independently and collaborates with other Jewish organizations to satisfy need in our local community, and Jewish need worldwide. 

Lodge Shimon Peres is composed of approximately 70 unique, interesting and giving Jewish men, who described themselves as “Brothers” once initiated into the lodge.  In addition to performing community service, we gather monthly for lodge meetings, at which we conduct our business, plan new endeavors, learn, and socialize.  Finally, we host recurring social events to help Brothers get to know one another better, with the goal of expanding our capability to deliver community service-- our core product.


The Hebrew Order of David International is a forum for an ever-growing number of Jewish adult males, operating as a cohesive fraternal unit supporting its members, and serving the community, applying Jewish ideals and values while providing its members the opportunity for personal development

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